Mitsubishi wear parts

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Codice Scumed Codice Mitsubishi Immagine Descrizione
RM-001 X054-D125-H03 /5 Contatti diam. 7x0,8x22 inf./sup.
RM-002 X054-D129-H04 Contatti diam.7x22 inf. foro 0
RM-005 X054-D345-H01 Contatti sup. D.3x28
RM-006 X054-D990-H01 Contatto per FX10-20
RM-009.OR X056-C075-H01 Contatti Originali diam.25x20 sup./inf.
RM-009A X056-C075-H05 Contatto smussato Ø 25x20 sup./inf. CX-FA-FX/S
RM-009s X056-C075-H01 Contatti Ø 25x20 sup./inf.
RM-009V X055-C118-H02 Contatto dritto Ø 25x20 sup./inf.
RM-01.001 S856-N993-P40   Cuscinetto
RM-01.002 X088-D073-H01 Connection tube
RM-010.JO X054-D476-H02 CONTATTI SUP. D. 7X22 FORO 0,9
RM-010BA X088-D439-H01 Contatti 5x18x38
RM-011 X054-D476-H01 Contatti inf.
RM-013 X089-D256-H02 /H01 Contatti 5,2x18x41,2
RM-013s X089-D256-H02 /H01 Contatti 5,2x18x41,2
RM-046 X056-C507-G51 GUIDE U
RM-048 X056-C274-G51 GUIDE U
RM-050s 053-C884-G55 Guida D diam. 0,8
RM-10.600 S932-N420-P15 O-ring sensore pres. filo D.15x2mm
RM-10.601 S932-N420-P20 O-ring D.20x2mm per ugello inf. aut.
RM-10.602 S932-N420-P23 O-RING DIAM.23X2 MM.
RM-10.603 S932-N421-P21 O-ring tenuta D.25x2mm
RM-10.604 S932-N421-P35 O-ring Ø 46x2mm
RM-10.607 S932-N421-P40 O-RING x UGELLO SUP.  D.53X2mm
RM-1030255 X052-B054-G54 Guidafilo inf./sup. D.0,255
RM-104031 X052-B092-G56 Guidafilo inf. diam. 0,31
RM-1060255 X052-B102-G54 Guidafilo sup. Ø 0,255 awf
RM-1060305 X052-B102-G55 Guida filo Sup. Diam. 0,305  awf
RM-1070255 X052-B123-G54 GUIDAFILO D. 0,255 SUP.
RM-108 X054-D162-G54 Vite di stop foro diam. 0,4 (D1
RM-109.JO X054-D171-G VITE DI STOP X AWF         (D1)
RM-112 X053-C299-G51 Guida di centraggio Diam. 0,4
RM-1170255 X052-B176-G54 Guida filo inf. diam. 0,255 x awf
RM-1320205 X053-C834-G53 Guidafilo Sup. diam. 0,205
RM-1320255 X053-C834-G54 Guidafilo Sup. D.0,255
RM-1320310 X053-C834-G56 Guidafilo Sup. Diam. 0,31
RM-1330205 X052-B243-G61 Guidafilo inf. diam. 0,205
RM-133021A X052-B387-G51 Guidafilo inf. diam.0,21mm
RM-1330255 X052-B243-G65 / X055-C538-G55 Guidafilo Inf. D.0,255
RM-1330310 X052-B243-G62 Guidafilo inf. diam. 0,31
RM-202A X183-C439-H01 Ugello Diam. 4,5 Sup.
RM-202B. X183-C439-H01 UGELLO D.4 SUP. S/CANALE
RM-204 X183-C439-H03 Guida getto sup. foro diam.8
RM-207A X053-C491-H01 Ugello inf. Ø 4 con scanalatura
RM-207B. X053-C491-H01 UGELLO D.4 INF. S/CANALE
RM-210.4CER X053-C621-H01 Ugello diam. 4 inf. ceramica
RM-211.4 X183-C378-H01 UGELLO DIAM.4 SUP.
RM-212.4CER X054-D881-H01 Ugello Inf. foro D.4 in Ceramica
RM-212.4PLA X054-D881-H03 Ugello diam. 4 inf. in plastica
RM-212.8CER X054-D881-H04 Ugello Diam.8 inf. ceramica
RM-212.8PLA X054-D881-H04 Ugello Diam..8 inf. plastica
RM-212.molla X927-D266-H01 Molla per ugello inf.
RM-213.4PLA X085-C131-H01 Ugello inf. plastica Ø 4 MV series
RM-213.7 X085-C131-H02 Ugello inf. in plastica Ø 7(1200/2400) MV series
RM-215.4 X186-C793-H01 / X056-C836-H01 Ugello Sup. Diam.4 in plastica
RM-215.8.NN X186-C793-H02 Ugello sup. Ø 8 (AF2.CX.SX.)
RM-216.4PLA   Ugello sup. in plastica diam. 4  x serie MV (1200/2400)
RM-216.7 X085-C155-H02 Ugello sup. in plastica Ø 7(1200/2400) MV series
RM-217.4 X196-C451-H01 Guidagetto sup. Diam.4 x FX (ex RM-65.013)
RM-217.8 X196-C451-H02 Guidagetto sup. Ø 8 FX
RM-303 X053-C228-G52 PIASTRA ISOL. INF. (110-300) A
RM-306 X053-C314-H01 Piastra isolante in ceramica
RM-307 X056-C110-G51 Piastra isolante in ceramica CX (EX RM-310)
RM-308 X056-C273-G51 Piastra isolante in ceramica x FX
RM-309 X056-C356-G51 Piastra isolante in ceramica
RM-310 X056-C968-G51 Piastra isolante x FA
RM-316 X085-C130-G51 Piastra isolanteserie MV
RM-403CER X054-D413-G51 Rullo inf. in ceram. espuls. filo
RM-404CER X054-D412-G51 Rullo sup. in ceram. espuls filo
RM-407CER X058-D340-G51 Rullo di presa in ceramica D.57,3 x 18
RM-408CER X058-D339-G51 Rullo con chiavetta in ceramica Diam.57,3x 18
RM-409 X055-C008-G51 Rullo di evacuazione in ceram. Diam.57,3x 25
RM-410 X055-C009-G51 Rullo di evacuazione in ceram. Diam.57,3x 25
RM-411C X055-C662-G51 Pinch roller
RM-412C X055-C663-G51 Capstan Roller
RM-421-1 X196-C131-H01 Perno
RM-445.2 X179-D943-H03 PARASPRUZZI FA20
RM-454 S859-N319-P61   Cuscinetto 
RM-456 X183-C442-H01 Puleggia Ø 40 x 14 perno Ø 7 x 31
RM-457 S859-N319-P33 Cuscinetto SSRF 1970 DD
RM-458 S859-N319-P31 Cuscinetto Ø 22/19x8x7h SSRF1980 DD
RM-459.4 S913-N313-P11 Rondella sagomata diam. 16,3x12,7
RM-459.5 X194-D873-H01 Anello distanziale
RM-459.6 S922-N040-P07 Retaing ring
RM-461 X053-C522-G51 RULLO DI PRESA IN CER. FX20
RM-462 X053-C522-G52 RULLO DI TRASC. CER.
RM-463 S859-N219-P06 CUSCINETTO 1760ZZ FX10
RM-464 S859-N219-P33 CUSCINETTO 1910ZZ FX10
RM-470 X209-D212-H01 Supporto contatto energ.
RM-4901 X208-D528-H02 COPERCHIO
RM-50.203     CUSCINETTO 6001/LB D.28 F.12 H 8
RM-50.204 S840-F000-P32 CUSCINETTO INOX D. 40xforo17x12H
RM-50.212 S860-N009-P02 Cuscinetto 
RM-50.214 S859-N219-P80 Cuscinetto 
RM-50.600 X174-D199-H02 Feltrini per puleggie sup. (ex RM-99.007)
RM-50.601 X059-D050-H03 Feltrino per puleggia  D.70
RM-501 X056-C326-G51 Blocco Tritafilo
RM-501.1 X058-D376-H01 Forcella per tritafilo
RM-501.2 X058-D370-H01 Bussola per tritafilo
RM-501.3 X258-D350-H01 SENSORE
RM-501.6 X058-D503-G51 / X254-D138-G51 Pipe Holder
RM-502.1 X268-D912-H01 /H02 Fixed blade
RM-505 X054-D027-H02 Tubetto ceramica  Diam.2x20
RM-600D X254-D674-H02 Sportello per blocco test. sup.
RM-603 A181-A735-G51 BLOCCO GUIDA INF. FX30
RM-604 X187-B621-H01 Blocco guida inf. x FA
RM-605 X182-B995-H02 Blocco Guida
RM-611FA X187-B580-H01 Blocco Sup. U
RM-620 P840-F000-P35 / S862-N033-P10 Cuscinetto inox 40x17x h12
RM-903 X193-C196-G51 Rullo con 2 scanalature x FX/CX
RM-99.001 X054-D826-H05 / X058-D054-H02 Ugello sup. in ceramica Ø 1,5
RM-99.004 X056-C072-H01 Guida Isolante
RM-99.005 S684-D898-P61 UGGELLO CERAMICA D.1,5
RM-99.013 S601-D899-P01 Motorino FX 20/30
RM-99.014 X182-B957-H01 BASE UGELLO SUP. x FX10K
RM-99.023 X203-C145-H04 Aspiratore in plastica x FX
RM-99.023C X203-C145-H04 Aspiratore in ceramica x FX
RM-99.025 X196-C271-G51 Copertura in plastica
RM-99.028 X058-D912-G51 Rulli di presa
RM-99.028s X058-D912-G51 Rulli di presa diam. 50x19x22
RM-99.029 S649-D899-P14 Galleggiante
RM-99.034 S801-D824-P01 FLUSSOMETRO 
RM-99.035 X058-D975-G52 Tubetto per infilaggio FA20 / RA-90AT
RM-99.037 X056-C857-G51   Supporto del tubetto per inf.
RM-99.038 X203-C607-H03 Ruota in cer. testina inf. D.40x22x14mm
RM-99.039 S932-N410-P04 O-RING 216  RA90T
RM-99.040 S932-N421-P10 O-RING 217
RM-99.042 X058-D991-G51 Rullo AT dx diam. 14 x L=12mm
RM-99.042s X058-D991-G51 RULLO
RM-99.043 X058-D991-G52 Rullo di presa AT sx diam. 14 x L=19mm
RM-99.044 X058-D186-G51 TRITAFILO x  CX
RM-99.046 X196-C270-G53 Alloggiamento in plastica per tritafilo FX
RM-99.049 P840-F000-P69 Cuscinetto 608V Ø 25/22x8x7h
RM-99.051 X258-D168-G51 /G54 / G56 COUPLING + rubber quadrato
RM-99.054 X058-D380-H01 Packing A D.400mm
RM-99.055 X058-D685-H01 Packing B D.400mm
RM-99.056 X058-D501-H01 Ingranaggi per rulli espl. filo
RM-99.056s X058-D501-H01 Ingranaggi per rulli espl.filo
RM-99.060 X927-D278-H01 Molla di precaricamento per ugello sup. 
RM-99.064 X204-D293-H02 Anello supporto del guida filo inf.
RM-99.065 A053-C920-G51A Sensore aspiratore
RM-99.072 X451-B277-G52   CARTER COPRI FILTRI
RM-99.073 S460-N020-P06 Fusibile x FX10-20
RM-99.076 X182-B995-H01 BLOCCO GUIDA INF.
RM-99.082 X058-D420-H01 O-RING
RM-99.083 X059-D050-H02 Feltrino
RM-99.084 X056-C804-G51 Guida 
RM-99.086 X174-D527-H01 STOPPER
RM-99.088 X264-D908-H04 Perno per rulli tenuta filo sup.
RM-99.092 X258-D320-G51 PIPE END
RM-99.093 X254-D700-G52 CERAMIC NOZZLE
RM-99.094 X058-D380-H05 / 055-C987-G51 Guarnizione "A"
RM-99.095 X058-D685-H02 Guarnizione "B"
RM-99.099 X208-D555-H01 Guarnizione per sportello test. sup.
RM-99.100 X056-C948-G51 Tubetto per rulli espuls.
RM-99.101 X054-D835-G51 Tubetto sup. per inf. filo
RM-99.102 X054-D893-G52   SUPPORTO PLA. x 99.101
RM-99.103 X054-D943-H01 Piastrina per sportello test. sup
RM-99.104 X187-B370-H03 Supporto base per ugello
RM-99.104/1 X182-B458-G52 Base per ugello x M215.4
RM-99.105 X059D084G51 Guida sup. filettata diam. 0,5 (X059D084G51)FA,FX
RM-99.111 X059-D448-G52 HOOK 
RM-99.113 S642-D829-P60 ELETTROVALVOLA  x FA10/M
RM-99.115 S684-D851-P71 Soffietto Braccio per FA20
RM-99.119 X059-D143-H03   Cover
RM-99.120 X055-C542-G52 / X056-C857-G51   Supporto del tubetto per infil.
RM-BATER17330V ER17330V/3.6V Batteria Originale Mitsubishi
RM-DA549A X254-D913-G51 Guide Pipe
RM-DA899A X254-D138-G51   Pipe Holder
RM-DB218A S642-D829-P28 Elettrovalvola
RM-DB557A X054-D530-H12   Pipe
RM-DBN34A DBN34A   Rulli tenuta filo sup. x FA20S
RM-DC509A X254-D678-H01 Perno
RM-DC809A X186-C827-H04 PERNO
RM-DDN27A X055-C012-H01/X055-C959-H01 Motore per tritafilo x FX-FA
RM-DH887A X264-D507-H01   Rullino anti-ritorno (pinch roller) 
RM-DJ956A X268-D099-H01   Spacer  
RM-DK336A X058-D660-G52 Pipe end
RM-DK607A S684D888P30 - X059D226H03   Pistoncino a gas sportello FA10
RM-DK620A X058-D459-H03 Contatto cilindrico
RM-DK660A X259-D621-H03 Feltrino
RM-DK767A X059-D299-G51 Cilindro in ceramica c/invito filo per rulli 
RM-DK856A P440-K001-P48   Power switch
RM-DN349A X269-D270-H01   Alberino per rullo sx. inf.
RM-DN350A X269-D447-H01   Alberino per rullo dx. inf.
RM-DN352A X269-D013-G52 Rullo dx e sx inf. diam. 14x 6 x L=18mm
RM-DP532A X052-B399-G51 PIPE END
RM-DQ736A X059-D703-H01 Gas spring pistone apertura 23,5cm
RM-DT028A X088-D073-H01 Pipe
RM-MN16-3 X182-B957-H01 Ugello adattatore per MN17
RM-MV0255L X052-B609-G63 Guida filo inf. Ø 0,25 )(DEG35A)MV series
RM-MV0255U X052-B627-G63 Guidafilo sup. Ø 0,25(DEG27A)MV series
RM-MV0305L X052-B609-G62 Guida filo inf. Ø 0,305 (DEG35A)MV series
RM-MV0305U X052-B627-G62 Guidafilo sup. Ø 0,305 (DEG27A)MV series
RM-P280A044P00  P280-A044-P00   Batteria
RM-P280A054P00 P280-A054-P00   Batteria 
RM-P602F000P03 P602-F000-P03   Motore elettrico
RM-S663N118P25 S663-N118-P25   Pistone (Cylinder)
RM-S922N010P17 S922-N010-P17 Retain ring
RM-X052B539G51 X052-B539-G51   Pipe end
RM-X056C550G51 X056-C550-G51   Seal Plate
RM-X058D257H07 X058-D257-H07   Seal pipe for FX30 
RM-X058D685H03 X058-D685-H03 Packing B
RM-X085C016G51 X058-D380-H06 / X085-C016-G51 Packing A
RM-X264D907H04 X264-D907-H04   Perno
RM-X265D557H01 X263-D959-H01/ X265-D557-H01 Ugello inferiore a chiave
RM-X651C390G52 X651-C390-G52   Sensore
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